Blakes Hotel

Location: Shoreditch, London

Country: United Kingdom

Client: Blakes Hotel Group

Architect: Kyson

Meinhardt UK have been commissioned by Blakes Hotel to assist in bringing one of the world’s most distinctive five-star boutique hotels to Shoreditch.

Meinhardt’s London team will be responsible for the structural and MEP work on the project.

The site is in the London Borough of Hackney and occupies a large corner frontage to Corsham Street and Baches Street. It involves the demolition of the existing Satellite House – a former telecommunications centre and office block unused for 18 months – and the construction of the new eight-storey hotel.

The 87-room boutique hotel will comprise three individual cubes that intersect to form a whole. The shape, composition and materiality of these relate each of them to different elements of the surrounding urban fabric, from the nearby traditional Victorian warehouses to the new 11-storey student accommodation block opposite.

Building materials will be a mix of brick, concrete, steel and glass, creating an industrial aesthetic that ties in with the heritage of the area while maintaining a resolutely modern and minimalist approach.