Since designing 80 Collins Street, Melbourne, in 1977, the Meinhardt brand has been synonymous with tall buildings. From there, we have gone on to work on some of the most complex and famous tall buildings in the world, from the Eureka Tower, currently the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest building, to the Bank of China in Hong Kong, and to Ocean Heights, the Middle East’s tallest residential building.

Originally our expertise lay predominantly in the sphere of structural engineering, but now, our capabilities in tall buildings cover all of the engineering disciplines (including facades) and Vertical Transportation.

In our UK office our local experience is complemented with knowledge from our international experts to deliver innovative solutions to the growing number of tall buildings that we are designing. With over 230 tall buildings planned in London for the next decade, this is certainly a growing sector.

To date the Meinhardt Group has been engaged on 65 tall buildings greater than 200m across the world. With currently less than 10 tall buildings in the UK  greater than 200m,  this puts our experience into perspective.