Meinhardt’s UK Mobility and Infrastructure team was established in 2020 with just two staff members in Reading. Since then, the team has experienced exponential growth in the region while expanding our service offer into the north of England, Scotland and Ireland.  

Our team now numbers over 20 members of staff who work on projects across the globe serving the public and private sector across the full built environment spectrum from large scale masterplanning, mixed-use, energy, retail, education, health, data centres, commercial, leisure, tourism, sports to residential. We work for individual landowners on smaller scale commissions through to public bodies, investment firms and large PLCs.  

Our Mobility team provide key services, as follows: 

Mobility & Transport Planning  

Our innovative approach to technology, operation and design provides our clients with a unique form of support not provided by many of the other mainstream consultants. By, combining traditional engineering, new technologies and creative thinking, we are bringing our clients’ ideas to life while meeting increased demands on infrastructure.  Our collaborative approach puts our clients at the heart of everything we do, driving efficiencies, improving mobility, supporting net zero and unlocking growth.  

Mobility Infrastructure 

We have an impressive track record of advising, designing, and delivering highway and infrastructure engineering throughout the UK and overseas.  

Our expertise ranges from city-scale masterplanning through to urban extensions and building scale development infrastructure.  Our infrastructure consultants and engineers are well placed to lead and coordinate multi-disciplinary projects and provide specialist technical input. 

Clients trust our deep-seated expertise across all critical infrastructure – whether they require railway stations, mixed-use developments, or any other type of civil engineering solution. We, also work with our clients to understand their specific needs and engage contractors and utility providers to reach a collaborative solution. Our focus on building relationships and a mutual understanding of the end-goal helps reduce the time and cost of delivery. 

We are frequently part of or lead joint venture multi-disciplinary teams with architects and masterplanners and have delivered high quality public realm and interchange developments. We pride ourselves on construction management to ensure that all stages of a scheme progress seamlessly. We make sure our schemes are deliverable, cost effective as well as aesthetically beautiful and responsive to dynamic client needs.  

Our focus on building relationships and a mutual understanding of the end-goal helps reduce the time and cost of delivery. 


Geographic Information Systems, commonly known as GIS, supports smarter decision making by using all types of data to identify deeper insights, presenting patterns, situations, and relationships. Working with 2D and 3D spatial information we pride ourselves in using the most up to date geospatial software whilst integrating CAD to create bespoke outputs for a range of deliverables, from static maps to interactive, dynamic web-applications, opening new visualisations techniques for geographic data. 

With a strong interest in digital interoperability, we are always developing new visualisation techniques to display geographic data, including high quality 3D rendered images, fly-through videos, and interactive 3D models. 

Data Management 

Accurate, coherent, up to date data is key when working with spatial data. The team understand the importance and believe in maintaining data to the highest level of standards by performing quality assurance checks to all datasets received and generated. As well as implementing INSPIRE Metadata and maintaining version control.  

Interactive Analysis 

We use the most comprehensive set of analytics tools and methods to interrogate data. Sharing data and findings is fundamental when collaborating. As well as traditional reports and images, Meinhardt utilises web platforms to host data, information can be displayed by webmaps and web applications allowing for dynamic interrogation of live datasets. 

Network Analysis 

Building intelligent transport networks are key in smarter decision making. The team can create bespoke networks and perform a multitude of analysis ranging from – route identification, demand modelling and first / last mile analysis. Understanding all aspects of the transport network and level of connectivity of a development is fundamental and aids initial conversations, that can then be built upon by comparing existing and proposed networks, to interpret how a network change can positively modify traffic flow capacity, routing, travel time and accessibility. 

Infrastructure Masterplanning 

We combine analysis of the policy, planning and physical issues with a practical understanding of financial, cost and phasing implications to meet our clients’ objectives.  

Our work ranges from major metropolitan masterplans in large cities, through to plans for brownfield and greenfield sites of all sizes, to urban design frameworks for towns and declining district centres. We also deliver masterplanning for station and interchange buildings, together with adjacent associated mixed-use developments. We are as passionate as our clients are when it comes to creating imaginative, elegant and practical solutions for all aspects of public realm design.  

We deliver solutions of vision and quality that reflect and enhance local place and identity, and which endorse good practice in a useful and meaningful way. Materials, features and creative thinking are combined to produce functional, unique and thought-provoking places by day and night. All aspects of the design are also evaluated against the need for flexibility, future-proofing, long life and low maintenance.