AlUla, KSA

Location: AlUla

Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client: Royal Commission for Alula

Services Provided: Mobility (Transport)

Meinhardt (UK) was appointed as the infrastructure specialist for the preparation of AlUla’s Masterplan Area 2.  Delivering mobility, infrastructure and utility support in the development of a city scale masterplan to house over 100,000 new residents and cater for the movement of 2 Million annual tourist. 

Off the back of Meinhardt’s support and success, the Royal Commission for AlUla commissioned Meinhardt on the delivery of the Concept of Designs for Mobility, Solid Waste and Water and Wastewater; and now Meinhardt led as the Lead Design Consultant on the detailed design of the county wide mobility and utility service corridor network. 

Meinhardt success has been driven through its ability to quickly react to  the clients need; providing clear and supportive responses where necessary; and being able to consider the holistic demands on all aspects of infrastructure requirements.