Creekside Wharf

Location: Greenwich, London

Country: United Kingdom

Client: Elements Europe

Architect: Assael/HTA

The Creekside Wharf development is a ground-breaking mixed-use build-to-rent scheme situated in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The development, comprising of 2 No. blocks, will offer 249 homes exclusively designed for families with concierge, restaurant, nursery and flexible commercial space at ground level.

While the construction of the ground floor, podium level and core may be in traditional concrete, the remainder of the blocks will be built using off-site construction methods. Each unit or apartment is pre-fabricated (including electrics and plumbing) using a volumetric modular system developed by Elements UK and fabricated off-site at their factory in Telford.

These modules are shipped to site at a rate of 20 per week, dramatically reducing the construction programme, while eliminating many of the risk and uncertainties associated with traditional construction methods.

As specialists in modern methods of construction, Meinhardt UK’s role in this innovative scheme has been to establish and put into practice standard methods and procedures for the effective delivery of this modular project.