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Sketch Club

Sketch Club gives staff at Meinhardt the opportunity to go out and sketch interesting architecture around London. The goal has always been to learn and improve but above all, sketching gives people the freedom to consider ideas without the fear of making a mistake; importantly it is a creative process that takes time to develop.

Quotes from some of the Sketch Club Members:


Drawing is like meditation. It allows me to zone out for a little bit and focus on lines, shapes and colours rather than the normal day.”


“Sketching is a great way to practice creativity and play with structural forms, especially so in engineering where our efforts are rarely as consequence-free as a sketch can be and opportunities to express emotion through our work are infrequent. In this sense, sketching provides a break from technical analysis and design and allows us to consider structures in a much more fundamental way.”


“Sketch club for me is an opportunity to go explore London and see a few of the sites the city has to offer. It also allows me to play around a bit and try some new drawing techniques etc. How often do you get time sit and study an object or place and get into the mind of the creator? I think, as a result, I’m starting to understand architects a little better”


Art and sketching has always been therapeutic for me, an escape into the world of creativity. At Sketch Club, you don’t have to think as hard, just keep an eye on the object you’re drawing and allow your hands to create movement across the paper with different mediums in playful ways. It’s a great way to practice, improve your skills and socialize as well’


“Sketch club is a time for me to be creative and allow my mind to wonder. The freedom to sketch whatever you like, however you like, in inspiring and beautiful places, is really special. It contrasts the intense day to day of an engineering career.”

The Sketch Club is open to all and we welcome new members. If you would like to attend the next outing please contact info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)