Loch Lomond Shores Transport Report

Location: Balloch

Country: Scotland, United Kingdom

Client: Loch Lomond Shores Management Company Ltd

Services Provided: Mobility (Transport)

Meinhardt were commissioned by Graham & Sibbald on behalf of Loch Lomond Shores Management Company Ltd to prepare a Transport Report investigating the existing transport context of the Loch Lomond Shores Retail and Leisure centre, located on the banks of Loch Lomond. This included the management and interpretation of data collected on site relating to parking conditions, non-motorised user movements and vehicle movements across the site.

Following analysis of the data Meinhardt were able to provide recommendations to enhance the operation of the car park such as improved wayfinding and parking management strategies. A key point noted was the wide differential in car parking occupancy between different sections of the car park, largely influenced by distance from the main retail and leisure areas of Loch Lomond Shores.