Lynch Wood, Peterborough

Location: Peterborough

Country: United Kingdom

Client: First Investments Real Estate Management

Services Provided: Mobility (Transport)

First Investments Real Estate Management approached Meinhardt to assist with a pre-application review of a proposal to develop and extend their interest in a site which adjoins the larger Pearl Centre site in Lynch Wood, Peterborough. A previous application to extend the site had been approved in 2019 on an adjoining piece of land and this new proposal is to extend further with 6,011 m2 (64,702sqft) of industrial units / office space. 

Meinhardt have provided an initial review of the proposals and submitted a pre-application report to identify the main transport and highway issues that need to be addressed by the client, utilising a  first / last mile assessment. Previous work undertaken by the local highway authority on Oundle Road and the access from the A1 to the west of the site will be key considerations in determining the likely impact of these proposals and Meinhardt will undertake extensive microsimulation modelling of the local highway network to support the proposed application. 

In addition to the Transport Assessment the Meinhardt Mobility team will also provide input on the proposed vehicular access to the site, service arrangements and reviewing and designing any potential mitigation required to offset the impact of these proposal  on the local highway network.