Meinhardt has a particular interest and expertise embodied in our special business unit, Meinhardt Façade Technology. The purpose of this business unit is to focus our worldwide knowledge in this specialist field (from all Meinhardt offices internationally) as a centre of excellence to ensure that each particular façade related project benefits from our worldwide experience.

New and improved methods of design and analysis together with new materials, computer automated manufacturing methods, provide us with endless opportunities to advance the design and performance of the building envelope.

Our team combines design engineering, fabrication and installation expertise to address all aspects of façade design for the project from concept to completion.  We provide a full range of services for all types of building envelopes from conventional materials such as glass and aluminium curtain walls, stone facades to modern designs using glass as a structure, tensioned fabrics and photovoltaics.

We offer façade remedial and forensic services and can carry out third party assessor services.

Our façade access solutions for Building Maintenance Unit design encompass the long term strategy for façade access, maintenance and replacement of façade elements.

Environmentally Sustainable design services include Sustainable Masterplanning, Green Building design and assessment of Total Building Performance to yield positive environmental impact.