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Megan returns as a Mechanical Engineer

At Meinhardt, our employees are our key to our success. Our aim is to continually develop new skills as a practice, in order to offer our clients the best solutions and give our employees a real interest in what they do. We offer work experience and internships to students to give an insight into engineering and the variety of career opportunities available. Megan joined as an intern in 2017 and worked within our Building Services team and has returned this month as a Graduate Mechanical Engineer. We ask her about her internship and her motivations which led her to become an Engineer.

How did you hear about the Meinhardt Internship?

I was recommended Meinhardt by someone who completed their internship with Meinhardt prior to the year I started.

Tell us a little about your internship with Meinhardt and why you decided to return as a graduate?

I was a mechanical engineer in the MEP team. During my time in the team, I was given loads of responsibility and was given the opportunity to work on some really interesting projects and even my own small project to take the lead on.

I decided to return as a graduate because of a combination of things; the office atmosphere, the interesting projects, the responsibility trusted upon me and the fun, inclusive and social nature of Meinhardt as a whole.

What was the most beneficial thing you took away with you?

Time management was crucial during my internship, staying on top of multiple projects at once while coordinating and working with my team and clients to meet deadlines and deliver coherent work. These skills which I developed further upon in Meinhardt were extremely beneficial in my final year of university and continue to stand to me now that I am back.

What area of engineering do you specialise in?

I studied Mechanical Engineering as my Bachelors and specialised in Energy Systems Engineering as my Masters, so having studied both, I will be focusing on using both to complement each other in my project design.

What is your favourite aspect of the job?

I enjoy the problem solving and design aspects of the job.

Where did you graduate from?

I graduated from University College Dublin having also carried out a study abroad year as part of my Bachelors in the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Why did you choose to become an engineer? What inspired you?

I always had an interest in problem-solving from a very young age but had not considered engineering as an option until my applied mathematics teacher suggested I look into it as she felt it would align well with my interests, once I did, I decided it was definitely for me.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I am a both a US and Irish citizen!

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

I enjoy playing tag rugby, travelling, going on walks & hikes, keeping active and reading.

What advice would you give a student/graduate looking for a mechanical engineering internship?

Research the companies you want to apply to in a lot of detail. Find some key projects they do and read up on their involvement and the company’s values. If you are interested in working there, make yourself stand out and make that known by showing your passion and interest in a personalised cover letter and CV to that company, nothing generic.

In your view, how important are Internships?

I think they are extremely important to prepare you for what working life is like and to give an insight into what a particular job actually entails. When you start working you see where the theory you have learned at university comes into play. It enables you to make an informed decision as to whether or not that particular area of work it is of interest to you.