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Structural team completes Annabel’s Nightclub Halloween Façade display in Mayfair

Meinhardt worked alongside the contractor, client and scaffolder to provide a structural design to meet each of the parties need. The primary objective was to ensure no permanent fixings were connected into the listed stone facade. This would meet the clients objective to meet local authority and heritage requirements. The contractor also required a structural system that could be completed within two night time operations.

The solution was to work with the designer of the display to understand potential clamping locations to the existing structure. These were identified at both the balcony’s and upper level of the restaurant windows.

Meinhardt completed the review of the existing structure for both vertical and lateral loads. The lateral system was to provide a structural member on both the inside and outside to provide a clamp detail to the existing wall, with local stresses calculated to understand the amount of area required to ensure sufficient load spread on the existing wall.

The solution relatively simple, however, solved a big issue for the client to allow the display to be safely erected and the display realised.

Sanjay Patel – Structures Associate Director